Settings Reference

Guide to all available configuration settings.

About the configuration

The settings can be configured on the /settings page. You will find some statistics related to the current installation and buttons used to manage the database and the caches.

Music root directory

Here you can specify the absolute path of the folder in which Sonerezh must look for your music.


Make sure Sonerezh can read this folder recursively.


We strongly recommend to NOT store any audio file into the Sonerezh application directory.

Email notifications

Sonerezh can send email to new users, or allow them to retrieve a forgotten password. Make sure PHP can send emails before enable this option.

Just like the database configuration, email configuration can be centralized in a class called EmailConfig, in app/Config/email.php. The app/Config/email.php.default has an example for this file.

You can follow the official CakePHP documentation to configure the different transport methods to send email. The following configuration should work in most cases (if you already have a MTA available).

class EmailConfig {
    public $default = array(
        'transport' => 'Mail',
        'from' => '',
        'charset' => 'utf-8',
        'headerCharset' => 'utf-8',

In this example, Sonerezh will send email using the PHP function mail().

Automatic track conversion

If your library contains tracks which can not be read by your browser, Sonerezh can convert them to OGG/Vorbis or MP3.


Sonerezh requires avconv or ffmpeg to convert the tracks.

Database management

The settings page allows you to make some maintenance operations on Sonerezh, its database and its caches:

  • Database update: run the import process. Useful if you have recently added new songs
  • Clear the cache : empty the cache (converted tracks and resized covers)
  • Reset the database : reset the database. All songs and playlists WILL BE LOST. Don't panic, Sonerezh will never modify or delete any file on the filesystem